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Be The Love that You Wish To See In the World.

Be the love with fierce kindness (nonviolence in thoughts and actions to self then others and kindness when it is difficult).  Mel teaches the tools of Yoga and Fierce Kindness to Awaken herself and others to the Love in and around them.  That awakening is a movement which is essential to Global Consciousness Shifting from fear to LOVE.  Our perception is our reality. Melanie “Mel” began practicing yoga to shift out of destructive thought patterns and to heal from anxiety and feelings of powerlessness. Through yoga Mel has changed her perception of her life and transformed it in every way. A 20 year journey from suffering to joyfulness has created an inspiring energized courageously loving offering to her students-  go to FK Fierce Kindness, Live events, Videos and Books to join Mel and the Movement. 

“When we awaken to the magnificent beauty of our life we become empowered to create our deepest healing dreams as true reality. Awakening from the dull slumber of habitual life (which holds ignorance of our true nature, fear, isolation) we beam light and guidance to others by our example. Thru that example and the echo of each of our joyful empowered awareness we will shift the consciousness of the world from scarcity to abundance.”

-Melanie Salvatore-August

E-RT 500 | RPYT Is a speaker, author, YogaWorks Yoga Teacher Trainer, Teacher Mentor, Birthing Coach and CTA- Yoga-based Life Mentor.  Her book Kitchen Yoga; Simple Home Practices to Transform Mind, Body and Life is due for Release March 2015 by Yellow Pear Press under Publishers Group West, currently on preorder on  She is the Co-founder and Creator of FK a nonprofit movement of Compassion and Non-violence.  She is an Ambassador for lululemon and happily lives with her husband, 3 little boys on their family homestead in the SF Bay. 


Love Tribe Testimonials

"Whether you are seeking to improve your yoga practice or are looking to move to that next level as a spiritual leader…

Melanie is among the best in the world at lovingly supporting you with keen distinctions that only a master teacher can provide.

She's compassionate, powerful & supportive as she walks with you on a path that's challenges the best that's within you."  

-Mark Allen Grainger, President -

“When I think of Melanie, the first words that come to mind are love and acceptance.  She has an uncanny ability to connect with, and embrace, each and every student in her class, regardless of class size. 

Melanie is a teacher’s teacher.  Although Melanie is very bright and knowledgeable about all things yoga, she remains humble/has no ego, and is professional, personable, friendly, approachable, real, authentic, and sincere, both as a person and as a teacher.  She genuinely cares about, and takes an interest in, in the welfare of her students.  Melanie strives to equip her students with practical tools to empower and assist them both in and outside of the studio.  To know Melanie, is to love her.  She has transformed my life and I am forever grateful.”  -Betty L. Homer 500RYT, Attorney, Mediator for the California Court of Appeal, Third Appellate District SF Bay Area, CA

“Working with Mel had a profound effect on my life.  She has a way of sensing what you're experiencing emotionally (without ever having to ask). She was there to talk me through emotional ups and downs and she helped me develop a deeper understanding of myself. Mel made me understand that my experiences are a direct reflection of what I project into the world, and she guided me through a process of learning to care for myself in a simple yet effective way. I handle things differently today because of what Mel taught me. I've developed a more refined awareness of what my needs are and how to meet them. Mel is a beautiful person and I believe that she has an amazing impact on everyone she crosses paths with.”  -Rachael McConney 500RYT Boston, MA

“At first, Mel terrified me because I knew she was going to challenge me in areas I didn't want to be challenged, whether physically or mentally.  But instead of leaving me on my own to face the fear, Mel taught me some basic concepts and then was  the angel watching over me as she allowed me to challenge myself – challenge myself to use what I learned and what I already knew all along.  I crossed the finish line with such pride in myself and as though I never knew the race had begun.  If you want to feel good about who you already are but are curious about how much better you can be, work with Mel!”  -Mandy Whittington 500RYT, Associate Director Ernst & Young LLP, San Francisco CA

"Melanie leads us to open our hearts and zero in on the power we have within us. Encouraging each of us to embrace our own individual passions without judgments or fears such as:  “Is it worth it?  Can I do it well enough?  What will others think? “ and so on. Instead, the work give us the courage to take steps toward fulfilling our individual dreams.  This leaves me feeling joyful and open to all the possibilities in and around me."   -Janet S.  Danville CA

 “I get emotional just thinking about the impact Melanie has made on my life (literally goosebumps). After admiring her grace, authenticity and contagious energy in class, I introduced myself to her, timid and insecure with tears in my eyes. That was 4 years ago, and I can honestly say that I'm a completely different person today because of her. She gave me the tools to help me transform my life. 

Between taking Mel's classes, working with her privately, studying with her in the 200 hr Teacher Training, mentoring with her in the 300hr Teacher Training, assisting her classes and working professionally with her I have spent A LOT of inspirational, tearful, terrifying and wonderful hours absorbing and learning from her. 

I can honestly say, from the bottom of my heart, that she is one of the most sincere, caring, loving and vibrant souls I have ever met. When she steps in front of the classroom her students can expect a practice that will motivate them to show up, to wake up, to become more present in their lives and experiences. Using intelligent sequencing, pranayama (breath work) and meditation techniques she helps students strip down the walls, strip off the mask, maybe laugh, maybe cry but leave feeling more connected to themselves and others. 

Anyone out there looking for more heart, more mental, physical, energetic or emotional balance in your life will greatly benefit from working with Mel. Simply put, I can't express my praise or admiration for her enough.”  -Kortney Larson, 500RYT Director of Operations and Branding FK Fierce Kindness SF Bay Area, CA



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