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Harness Your Awes(om)eness by Awakening to the Love In and Around You.

Our perception is our reality. Melanie “Mel” began practicing yoga to shift out of destructive thought patterns and to heal from anxiety and feelings of powerlessness. Through yoga Mel has changed her perception of her life and transformed it in every way. A 17 year journey from suffering to joyfulness has created an inspiring energized courageously loving offering to her students. Integrating the simple yet profound tools of Focus, Fire, Truth and Love with the Mindful Precision of the YogaWorks Method Mel awakens students to the ever present light in and around them.

“When we awaken to the magnificent beauty of our life we become empowered to create our deepest healing dreams as true reality. Awakening from the dull slumber of habitual life (which holds ignorance of our true nature, fear, isolation) we beam light and guidance to others by our example. Thru that example and the echo of each of our joyful empowered awareness we will shift the consciousness of the world from scarcity to abundance.” MSA

E-RYT 500, Mel is a YogaWorks Certified Teacher Trainer, ISHTA (Integrated Science of Hatha Tantra Ayurveda) 500hr as well as a Registered Prenatal Yoga Teacher RPYT. She serves on the Board of Directors National Meditation Specialist Certification Board under the leadership of Dr. Susan Taylor She lives with her husband, 2 little boys on their family homestead in the SF Bay and works toward earthling consciousness shifting and fully sustainable eco living.

Awes(om)e Tribe Love

"The reason I take your class is all about the authenticity of you.  The vulnerability you show make us all feel safe in our own skin.  The insights you channel to us at every turn raise the vibration of the class to a powerful level.  Thank you for being courageous and opening your heart to me and all that attend your class!  Namaste."

-Eileen D.  Walnut Creek CA 

"Melanie leads us to open our hearts and zero in on the power we have within us. Encouraging each of us to embrace our own individual passions without judgments or fears such as:  “Is it worth it?  Can I do it well enough?  What will others think? “ and so on. Instead, the work give us the courage to take steps toward fulfilling our individual dreams.  This leaves me feeling joyful and open to all the possibilities in and around me."   

-Janet S.  Danville CA

"In all honesty, I've practiced Yoga for years, but it wasn't until your classes that I started to practice yoga in a different way, and appreciate it in a different way.  I've taken (rather dragged) a couple of my friends to your class and each of them has had the same response.  You truly have a gift in what you do.  Your teaching has truly changed my life as I'm sure it has many others."

 -Tiffany T.  Walnut Creek CA

"I haven't ever really gotten into Yoga because I like to get more of a workout in when I do physical activity.  When a friend took me to Melanie's class I had a different experience than I had at any other yoga class.  I felt like I was getting more of a mental workout than anything else.  I was able to slow down my thoughts and enjoy the experience of yoga more than I had in any other class that I had taken in the past."

- Kristy C.  Walnut Creek CA

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